Understanding The Different Flagpole Options

Commercial Flagpoles, whether for residential or commercial use can add to the beauty of any building or landscape. While many commercial flagpoles come in standard sizes, there are several different flagpole designs available to satisfy the needs of your particular use. Here is a quick guide to help you decide how tall are commercial flagpoles.

Single Mast Flagpole With Attached Yardarm:

This single mast flagpole is typically used for single flags on a pole. The pole is generally about 32 feet high and offers two polearms, which offer a total height of about 120 feet. The flagpole is made of steel, anodized bronze, or galvanized iron, and will have a single mast. These commercial flagpoles come in the USA and are constructed out of marine grade material.

Double Mast Flagpole With Attached Yardarm:

This double mast flagpole is designed to support dual flags. It offers a height of about 160 feet and offers two polearms. The flagpole is made of heavy gauge steel, stainless steel, and will be installed in-ground.

Multi-Mast Flagpole:

This multi-mast flagpole is usually used for larger commercial flagpoles. It offers a maximum height of about 576 feet and offers an extension of the single mast design. The flagpole is made of galvanized steel, anodized bronze, or brass. This commercial flagpole comes in the USA and is constructed out of heavy gauge steel, stainless steel, and will be installed in-ground. This flagpole usually weighs between eight hundred and one thousand pounds.

Flagpole Bases:

Aluminum commercial flagpoles usually come in standard and heavyweight bases. The flagpole bases can be used to support flags at commercial locations, such as restaurants, hotels, and even recreational parks. The commercial flagpoles that are used for commercial settings usually offer a standard height of thirty-eight feet and a maximum height of seventy-five feet.


When buying commercial flagpoles for commercial uses, it,s important that you know what colors are available. The commercial flagpoles that are most commonly used are white, red, and blue, however, you will find that many different colors are also offered. The colors that are most popular are dark blue, white, and red, however, you will also find yellow, green, and pink commercial flagpoles. You should keep in mind that the American flags that are displayed at your location may be copyrighted and may not be displayed with colors that are not authorized by the US government.

The structure of commercial flagpoles differs from that of an aluminum in-ground flagpole. For example, an aluminum flagpole has been built with a steel pole, whereas most commercial flagpoles that are built are typically constructed with an aluminum pole and a wooden base. One of the differences between the two is that an aluminum in-ground flagpole is not designed to support a flag. It is designed for use as a light source. However, commercial flagpoles that are created with aluminum in-ground flagpole bases are generally taller and wider than the commercial aluminum flagpole bases.