The Science And Art Of Decorating


Home decor is the science and art of improving the interior of an apartment to create a more aesthetically pleasant environment for those using that space. A home decorator is a person who designs, plans, coordinates, researches and oversees these improvement projects.

Interior decoration involves the interiors, exterior aspects, accessories, furnishings, windows, floors, and accessories and other related matters. The term home decore is used as a synonym for home improvement. Interior decorators are trained in interior design and decorating and usually work in the areas of interior designing, furniture making, painting, carpentry, flooring, home construction, painting, windows and doors. The practice of home decorating can be subdivided into two basic categories: residential decoration and commercial decoration. There are several types of decoration that are carried out in residential homes.

Residential home decorating includes all aspects of interior design and decorating. It is an ongoing process. One needs to pay attention to various aspects of home decoration when they are beginning a project. A person can undertake such a project either individually or with the help of the professionals. There are many aspects of home decoration that are undertaken by professional decorators. These include painting, flooring, counter tops, window treatments, foyers, bathrooms, kitchen, furniture, lighting, etc. The main objective of the residential home decorator is to provide comfort and beauty to their client’s home.

Professional home decoration companies normally hire individuals, professionals, contractors, or other professionals to undertake the various projects for them. Most residential decorators work on their own, but there are a few that employ others. If you hire a professional company, you have to make sure that they provide good service to their clients.

The home decoration process of a home starts with the interior decorating. This is followed by the exterior decoration of the same area. Exterior decoration is generally done before starting the interior decoration process of the place. The first step in this process includes painting the walls, ceiling, flooring and other walls, doors, windows and other interior accessories. If the contractor or individual carrying out the job is a master painter, he can even paint the whole house at one time. If the contractor is not a good painter, then he can give the job to a house painter.

In residential interior decor, homeowners can choose from a variety of materials, fabrics and decorative objects to be used in making up the home. Another important aspect of interior decor is selecting accessories, which can be used to enhance the beauty and elegance of the interior. Many homeowners go for wall paintings. Other accessories which can be chosen to include pictures, floral arrangements, wall hangings and etc. In addition, they can also decorate the floors and roofs.