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circuit  assembly

On when both buttons are pressed otherwise if you don’t put this k to ground that when you push the upper button there’ll be a little leakage current come through to your output LED but if you put this k it’ll eliminate that problem so we need to put that in here’s our k and.

Here is the emitter the road of the emitter for the first transistor we need to put the k here to the ground rail just like that we’ve reached the end of our circuit and we’ll need from the emitter of the second transistor we need to come off with a ohm resistor to our output LED with a cathode side of that LED pointing to ground you could use a higher value resistor and.

You’d be fine after adding in this ohm resistor to the led to ground we’ll also need to on the same path and in k to Graham we’ll take a piece of wire so we can spread everything out so it’s easier to see I just added a piece of wire and the same row is the emitter of that second transistor that we need our ohm resistor one leg of it connected in the line coming from the emitter.

Over and we add in our output led with the cathode pointed toward ground short legs cathode long lights the anode so we to orient it with a short leg in the ground rail the long leg is in the same row as this leg of the resistor to finish up we just need a k pulldown resistor and the same row as this wire off of the emitter and the same row is the leg of this ohm resistor if we’ve done everything right.

We should be able to power up the circuit and still have the behavior associated with an angei and power to the circuit and the first row of a NAND gates truth table says that when both the inputs are low the output should be low and it is it says that when the first inputs high the second outputs low.

The output should be low that’s the state we have the third row in the NAND gates truth table is input one is low and put two is high the output still low and then when both inputs are high the output should be on and it is so we’ve successfully made an and gate circuit that centers on the behavior or the functionality of two NPN style transistors I hope this video has been helpful if so please consider clicking like and also consider subscribing to my channel thank you.

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